Not a lot of knitting going on here

Because someone is visiting us for a week.


Meet Duncan, a 5 month old Bich-poo (Bichon Frisse and Poodle mix). He is my nephew. He is staying with us so the big dogs can teach him proper potty manners. My sister works during the day, so doesn’t have the time to get him trained to potty outside. He had a few mistakes early on, but is doing much better now. He is also getting socialized with other dogs, not that he needs it, he is very friendly and loves his cousins, iNDy and Mini Cooper.

Duncan3  Dew

He came down for Easter with my sister and College Girl and then stayed instead of going back on Sunday. He has had a busy weekend! He got to meet most all of the family while home, we Easter at my Mom’s house. In the 2nd picture he is thinking he would like to try some Dew, but he really doesn’t need anymore caffeine!!


He even charmed his way into Mr Emotionally Stunted’s heart. He tries to act like he doesn’t like dogs, but he really does. Except Mr Little Bit likes to be very mobile at night. I am trying to get him use to kenneling so he sleeps most of the night in his kennel. But then he gets antsy so he comes up on our bed. And loves to snuggle Hubster. Who hates to have anything touching him at night. LOL! And with 3 dogs on the bed, there isn’t much room for the adults.

We sure are going to miss him after we take him back this weekend. But we will be the default babysitters anytime my sister goes out of town, so we will see him lots.

Needless to say, I have not gotten much knitting done. And I need to get that wedding shawl done! Less than a month until the happy day. Good thing I have knitting tonight and tomorrow! I only have about 20 rows knit and there is still much to do. But it is a bottom up shawl, so soon the rows will start to decrease and then the short rows will really make it speed up at the end.

Hope your day is full of puppy dog kisses and Spring. Good thing it’s Spring because we are spending a lot of time outside with the potty training!


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