What fiber fun?

Due to babysitting duties I have had little time or energy to knit! I did knit while with the knit buds on Wednesday and enjoyed a leisurely lunch out. Only to return home and find the Harry Houdini of Dogs had escaped his prison again. He got out of his kennel on Sunday while we were at church. I thought maybe I hadn’t latched it properly. He escaped from my bathroom on Wednesday, pushed a door open. And then yesterday he escaped from the kennel AGAIN! I KNOW I latched it properly! It is the kind where the door lifts up and then seats itself on some hooks. Evidently he can maneuver the door to unlatch itself. LOL! But I did not LOL at the poop and pee he lovingly left for me on the carpets and tile floors. Good thing he is going back to his momma today.

But even though knit time has been limited I have made progress on the wedding shawl. See?

Wedding Shawl 1

I am now into the decreases and very close to starting the  short rows. Once there it will go very quick. I actually cast on 2 less repeats than called for. Not wanting to make the shawl too large for my petite niece I thought it best. I will also not extremely block the width, will focus more on the length.

I am using Cascade Heritage Sock and wish I could say I love this yarn. It is a good price, $19.00, for great yardage, 492 yds. It is Merino with a bit of nylon. To tell you the truth it’s soft, but it almost reminds me of cotton. It isn’t quite as bouncing as I expect, if that makes sense. I know it will be lovely, and I am likely the only one to have this complaint, but it makes me doubt I will ever use the two skeins of handpaint hunter green I have in my stash. I even have beads to use with that yarn. Of course, finding a pattern for 1000 yards is hard when you don’t want triangular shaped shawls anymore. I guess I need to find a Pi shaped one.

Now, off you go to see what has been accomplished by other bloggers, cause I got nothing here! No Fibering, unless you count the dog hair left in the brush after giving the pup a bath and brushing, or Creativity , unless you count the many ways I have tried to get a puppy to use the outside for his bathroom, is going on here!


8 thoughts on “What fiber fun?

  1. Remind me of the pattern for this wedding shawl ? I have also grown away from triangular shawls, pop ‘crescent’ and/or ‘half-circle’ into the pattern search box on Rav 🙂

  2. It’s going to be beautiful. I’ve become a fan of the crescent shaped shawls. I have to admit, I don’t feel guilty if I don’t use all of the yarn for knitting a project because I end up using it in weaving. win/win

  3. We have a Houdini dog who finally surrendered in his battle of wits with my Husband. Fortunately we did not have the potty problem. 😉

    I agree with everyone else… making a lace shawl for anyone and especially with yarn you don’t like is a tremendous gift. I’m sure she will love it.

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