Late to the Inspiration party

I haven’t gotten back into the swing of things after a week of puppy sitting and then a quick trip to Indy that bloomed into an all weekend event. But now life is back to norman, yes norman is my way of saying it. So, let’s see what’s inspiring me today.

Wedding Shawl 1

Anything BUT the shawl I am working on! As I said the other day, the yarn just isn’t thrilling me, but it is such a special knit that I will press on. Just trying to keep myself from falling under the spell of all those other things I would prefer to be knitting.

Mustardseed is soo pretty, and I am not usually a Boo Knits fan due to the lack of structure and over abundance of holes in the patterns.

Golden Orchids is lovely. Hm, is it the patterns I am inspired by, or the golden colors? LOL!

Ospringe puts paid to that thought, neither golden of lacey.

And Dreambird has long been in my thoughts.

But I will be good and just muddle through on the wedding shawl. I am so far ahead of the game I can’t stop now. Started the short rows while riding home from Indy. Now it will go so quickly I will be done before I know it. And then able to get back to the other 3 WIPs that should be done before I allow myself to cast on another!

Linking up with Christine today.


5 thoughts on “Late to the Inspiration party

  1. I just finished a Boo Knits shawl – and I’m with you on the holes 🙂 maybe it has something to do with the photos – you don’t see many where the shawl is ‘spread out’. Golden Orchids was in my faves – thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. Dangerous list! Especially Dreambird and Mustardseed. The wedding shawl is looking good. Maybe you can cast on for one of these inspiring shawls as a reward for finishing it on time.

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