April Recap

I really don’t want to do this, cause April sucked big time! Not only in lack of reaching goals, but in total busting of the yarn non stashing too. But in order to be truthful and to gauge how I am doing over this year, hangs head in shame, I give you my failing.

First the recap

April totals:
Knit:  740 yards 2 skeins
Purchased: 2445 yards 10 skeins
Difference: 1705 more yards and 8 more skeins in stash. Egads!

YTD totals:
Knit: 5753 yards 25 skeins
Donated: 114 yards and 1 skein
Purchased: 5073 yards 22 skeins
Difference: 794 less yards and 4 less skeins in stash. I have so gone the wrong way.

Personal cost: I gave in to a great sale. I mean it, a great sale! 60% off people.

Month: Considering how much yarn I purchased, $46.22 is not that much in the cost department.
YTD: $240.07
Still buying at an average of $60.00 a month, which isn’t good!

OK, now the FO Collage.


April Knitting


Sad, just sad. Only 1 item finished! But I am including the items I have worked on to help show it’s not all been puppy sitting around here*. And boy did that puppy-sitting eat into my knitting!

April Goals:
1. Work on that sweater! Yeah, kind of.
2. Finish baby blanket. Yeah, not.
3. Work on a charity hat session, 1-3 hats finished and donated. Yeah, SOOO not.
4. Work on Cable Shawl, doing at least 1 repeat of the cable pattern. Yeah, not even pulled out of the basket it’s been living in for forever.
5. Work on Sunset Shawl. Finished!!!
6. Buy yarn for Niece’s Wedding Shawl and start the shawl. Deadline-May 17th Yep, just about the only thing I did well. 18 short rows from starting the ending chart.

Now, May Goals?
1. Finish Niece’s Wedding Shawl. I got this. Should be done this weekend.
2. Work on the Fire Breathing Dragon Shawl I started before starting the NWS.
3. Charity hats, I mean it!
4. 1 free pass to start a new shawl after I finish the NWS.

And that’s it! Not jinxing myself anymore this year. Short and simple, or maybe KISS. (Keep it Simple Stupid!)

Now to get on those goals. Peace out!

* And it will be puppy sitting again next week, only this time a house trained big dog. A Standard Goldendoodle will be staying with us while her mom and dad are gone. She is just a little bit bigger than my guys, so it will be interesting to see how bed time goes. The bed just may go to the dogs. LOL!


3 thoughts on “April Recap

  1. Don’t hang your head in shame … it’s life that gets in our way … we live to face another day as we carry on our goals…………….. onward we go (me to !!!) 😀

  2. Hmm. I wonder if I would have the persistence to record those figures for myself ….what a shame it’s too late for this year 😉 Linky to the Firebreathing Dragon Shawl, please ? 🙂

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