Friday Finished

Finally!! I seem to have been knitting on this blankie for forever. But actually my records show it’s only been since mid March. So 2 months does not really translate to for forever. Bit of an exaggeration I admit. But now it’s done, well in time for baby’s arrival in July. Great-Niece G, henceforth known as GNG, will be cozy and chic in her Chevron Blanket. All the cool kids want one, don’cha know.


The blanket is showcased with some of my Iris blooms that are busting out in my backyard. I wish I could stagger the blooms so they would last longer! I have three shades of purples from light to blood dark.


I love this shot for the texture it shows. The gray yarn was knit in St st in the chevron pattern. The colors were done in Garter St in the chevron pattern. The result is a floating pattern on the gray background. Ingenious! I am thinking this might be my go to blanket from now on. Not that I knit many blankets for little ones, much prefer sweaters. But for the Great-N’s I will do a blanket and sweater. Time to start GNG’s sweater. It will be the same as her baby cousin’s, GNC’s bolero. It should go quick since I am doing the 6 month size. The sweaters are for the girls to wear around the Holidays, so hopefully GNC’s 9-12 month size will fit.

And then, I will find out this week what my nephew’s baby will be. They are due in October. Once I find out from momma what the nursery colors will be, I can make plans for the next set. So much baby knitting going on right now!!

But first, since 2 items have been finished in the last week I get to return to my shawl in progress and try to advance on the sweater. I have totally forgotten where I was on the sweater! Somewhere on the front. The shawl will have to be studied since I am taking an elongated triangle shawl and converting it to a crescent. I ran some numbers today, so I think I have a plan.

Now, time for you to check out what others have been doing this month. I am just happy to cross two more things off my list of goals!!!

Wisdom Begins in Wonder
Natural Suburbia


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