Prayers please

This is a scary and unknown future for my Mom. They found a mass in her colon. Not sure which part, not sure the size, not sure of the stage, but the Dr suspects it is cancer. So we wait for the removal and biopsy on Monday. He wanted to do it on Friday, but Saturday is a very important event in our family.

My older brother’s daughter is getting married. What a joyful time! Hoping the fear will be stayed as we rejoice in this union, one that is truly lead by the hand of God. We are so happy that events happened to bring these two nutty kids together and look forward to adding her soon to be husband to our equally nutty family. Watch for the debut of her wedding shawl on Friday.

Also in need of prayers for two new little ones we will be meeting this year. Our niece, on Hubster’s side, is waiting for her baby girl to appear in July and then her brother will be waiting for his baby boy to join the family in October. Prayers for both mommas and they grow these little lives. Both work long hours on their feet, so prayers for stamina and good health are never amiss.

And that’s it from me. Hoping your day is full of love and laughter. That C word really does make it all quite clear. The only thing important in this world is love.


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