The Highlight of our Weekend (long, picture heavy post)

Joining WIP Wednesday at Tami’s, cause I didn’t get to share this on a FO Friday.

Was the wedding of our niece to a wonderful young man. A match surely made in heaven. One we pray will succeed in a culture not known for success in the marriage mart. But we think it’s got a good chance since these two are made for each other.

Mr and Mrs Austin #happilyeveraustin

C&C Case and Paige

Left photo: Diva Girl and Deer Hunter
Right photo: Mrs A and Diva Girl

Escort IMG_3029

Left photo: Mrs A with my Big Bro* on right
Right photo: Mr and Mrs A with their son, the groom, in background

IMG_3068 IMG_3064

Left photo: Mrs A with Deer Hunter
Right photo: Mr A with Mrs A’s grandmother

Now, for the photo that is the most important,

Paige Austin:Quilla

Mrs A in her Quilla Wedding Shawl
click the photo for a larger version

I had been trying to find her before the wedding to give her the shawl, but couldn’t find her. The wedding was at an inn in a nearby town, but I wasn’t sure which room she was staying in. But it worked out for the best since I had the shawl with me when we got together after the wedding for the family photos. I was able to put it on her shoulders for a quick shot and the photographer was able to get some of her in it.

My niece had actually been looking for me to get the shawl so she would have it for photos. I knew she wouldn’t be wearing it for the wedding, so didn’t think it would be an issue. However it came in handy later in the evening to chase away the chill. With a dip in temps last week, it was needed. I believe many people had to change plans for what to wear since the temps went from the 70’s the weekend before to the 50’s-60’s the day of the wedding. Even my Mom and College Girl were scrambling for a wrap. And I was able to come through.

Caitlin Casey

Left photo: My parents with College Girl**
Right photo: My parents with Diva Girl

Regardless of weather things went off without a hitch, the bride was lovely, her groom was handsome, the event was wonderful, and now we get to look forward to babies when they are ready!!! But I do hope they give me a break, after knitting for 3 babies over 10 months time, I will be ready for a rest.

* My Brother was lucky enough to gain three kids upon his marriage. Mrs A asked both her dads to escort her down the aisle.
** College girl is wearing Cladothia and my Mom is wearing Swallowtail

Mom update: No news yet, waiting for the results of the CT scan they did yesterday and the biopsy report. And then tomorrow Hubster goes in for his first colonoscopy. His sister had hers last year and they found pre-cancerous polyps, so her Dr advised the siblings to follow suit if they had not already been having them. Hubster is just 46, so he had yet to have the pleasure. LOL! Please pray for good report for Mom and for clean bill of health for Hubster. Thank you SOOOOOO much!!!


10 thoughts on “The Highlight of our Weekend (long, picture heavy post)

  1. Best wishes to the Bride and Groom:)
    Everyone looks so lovely all dressed up. It’s wonderful that you had shawls to keep them warm:)
    Prayers all around!

  2. Congratulations to the bride and groom! What a beautiful family you have. The bride looked stunning wearing her gorgeous wedding shawl. But your mom gave her a run for her money in that lovely dress and shawl.

  3. The bride is *almost* as gorgeous as your shawl 😉 Your Mom looks great – super match of shawl to dress. Good thoughts for you and yours xx

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos from the wedding. It looks like a lovely time and the wedding shawl looks great on the bride. Really all the knitwear looks good. I am really impressed with your Cladothia mash-up! What a great mash. Wishing your family the best in health and happiness.

  5. It was a beautiful wedding! I don’t see any pictures of you though. I’m still hoping and praying that all goes well with your family.

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