Everybody’s doing it, so even though I usually avoid these things, I am going along with the flow this time. I guess I am bored?

1. I sing. I am singing a solo and a duet at a banquet tonight and a solo in church on Sunday. I used to offer to sing all the time. Now I seem to avoid singing and only do solos when asked. In matching songs to sermons/keynote speeches you often are at a loss for a good match. I found great matches for the topics, but am sacrificing my vocal range. I am listening to God on these choices and praying he carries my too high voice down to the low range, cause I know I can’t do it on my own. People often ask me how I can sing so beautifully. (their words, not mine, cause I don’t think I am something special) All I can say is, I open my mouth and out it comes.

2. For someone who can create such beautiful works of art with fibers, yes, I believe anything we create with yarn is beautiful no matter it’s aesthetic quality to others, I sure suck at creating beauty in gardens. I guess the main reason is I hate to get my hands dirty. My youngest is the same way. Not in gardening, although I doubt she will ever get the bug, but in not wanting her hands dirty.

3. I am trying to get motivated to walk daily. But with a hip issue it can be difficult. My left hip feels like there is a catch, or something limiting my range of motion. Most days I never know if the hip will work well, so it leaves me with a funny gait. I am used to it, but there are times people ask me what’s wrong without me realizing I am walking funny. I sure hope no one ever video tapes me walking. LOL! Sometimes it feels like a pinch in my hip that causes severe pain, but once I get going it usually fades.

4. I grew up surrounded by sports and being outside constantly. With an older and younger brother, it was just natural that I hung with them playing sports. I thought I would be a quarterback when I grew up. My idol was Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers. In 4th grade I did a book report on him and found out we shared the same birthday, not year. As an adult I still prefer sports watching to other things. While we were in the stands at Daytona one year, waiting for the 500, my husband was reading the program and found out my favorite driver, Mark Martin, had the same birthday as I, although one year older. I can’t say I have ever wanted to be a race car driver, but I have ridden in one at a race car driving school, driven by a professional. Awesome experience!  Now I have a new birthday mate to aspire to be like…I also share the day with Kate Middleton!!! So now I think I want to be an Princess instead of a quarterback/race car driver.

That’s as random as I can be. Plus, I don’t want to bore you more than I have. Now, won’t you join in! Let me know if you do so I can see how random you are!


4 thoughts on “Random

  1. Aww not too random for me today. 🙂 I Love random posts. I love that you have fresh flowers. I am trying to walk more….I have a pedometer app that is free from Beth Isreal. It motivates me

  2. I’ve been enjoying the random posts and I definitely enjoyed yours. I sang in chorus in high school for a bit. I might’ve been a charity inclusion but I had a good time. Meanwhile, I only feel truly safe singing in the car. We do not have a garden, we live in an apartment building, but it’s best this way. I kill all things but ice plants, really. Thanks for sharing!!

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