Today will not be random

Today will be fraught with worry, waiting, and fear. My Mom goes in for surgery today to remove the tumor in her colon. She got the word from her Dr last Friday. Good news: The tumor is in the best place if you are going to have colon cancer. He said it appears small and they will take about a foot of her colon, but she has enough to spare. He is ready for a great outcome, but won’t know about the cancer’s possible spread until he gets in there. Best case, just a tumor on the wall. Less best, it has moved into the wall. Worst case, it has attached to the lymph nodes. If either of the latter two are the case she will receive Chemotherapy. Fingers crossed, prayers and hopes, that is not the case.

To bide my time waiting I have packed my knitting basket with 3 projects. The Tom Collins sweater, a baby sweater, and a mitten project. The sweaters are both in progress, the mittens not even a start. I am still dithering over the yarn choice. I have Ella Rae Classic as the background and Noro Silk Garden Lite as the design. I need to swatch to see how they work together. I don’t doubt the contrast, but not sure I like the scratchiness of the SG. For having silk in the mix, I just don’t find it dreamy soft. But then, the mittens will be lined and I can go as soft as I want on that layer. Alapaca to be sure. Wonder if I have enough Ultra Alpaca Light leftovers to use for the lining? 115 yds? Pattern calls for 140 yds. I could fudge and do the thumb lining in something else. Definitely a plan.


OK, time to get ready to head to the hospital. Not looking forward to this, but it’s best to deal with it and go from there.


6 thoughts on “Today will not be random

  1. Prayers for the best possible outcome. I’ll keep you in my thoughts too. It’s really tough to wait while a loved one is receiving care.

  2. Sorry I have not been around, was on vacation. Just saw your post and was looking for an update. Let us know how everything has turned out. Was praying for her after your first post. HUGS Sweetie!

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