May Recap

Stash Confession as of May 31st:
73,029 yards and 414 skeins.
This was helped by selling 816 yards/7 skeins of leftover Jamieson Spindrift.

Monthly total
Yardage Knit: 826 yards and 3 skeins
Yardage Sold: 816 yards and 7 skeins!!!
Yardage Bought: 785 yards and 6 skeins
So close! Barely squeaked by on the knitting to buying ratio. But the sold yarn helped lighten the stash!

Year to Date
Yardage Knit: 6579 yards and 28 skeins
Yardage Donated/Sold: 930 yards and 8 skeins!!!
Yardage Bought: 5858 yards and 28 skeins

May Goals?

1. Finish Niece’s Wedding Shawl.  DONE!!!!!
2. Work on the Fire Breathing Dragon Shawl.  Done!!!!!
3. Charity hats, I mean it!  Evidently I didn’t mean it.
4. 1 free pass to start a new shawl after I finish the NWS.  Actually, I cast on a baby sweater.

Not on the list:
1. Finished Elefante to match the blanket for my GNG.

Here’s the collage proof of what went on in May.


The baby sweater is likely a lot further along since I had this at the hospital during my Mom’s recent surgery, (Yeah, it all went well!). I prepped this post so I wouldn’t forget through the upheaval of the last few days.

Now, June Goals. Not sure I should even bother since I do so poorly on them.

1. Work on the languishing Cable Shawl.
2. Finish baby sweater for GNG.
3. Start a new shawl, Multnomah. I want to use the yarn I bought in Maine a year ago.
4. Maybe, just maybe, I can do some charity hats?
5. Work on Tom Collins.

OK, enough from me. Off to see my Mom at the hospital. Continue to send good thoughts! They are much appreciated.


5 thoughts on “May Recap

  1. I too am glad your Moms is on the mend. Speedy recovery, good health and happiness!

    I say post away those goals. They are goals, and hopes and dreams. We should all hope and dream, even if it doesn’t all work out at the end. I think your ratio not just for “yarn management” but for goals “completed” is pretty darn good. I have more than a few knitting goals I’m behind on, but I’m absolutely determined to continue to put them on the list. I want to enjoy the knits. They propel some of the have to or should to in all aspects of life.

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