Squeaking this in late.

10 on Tuesday? Saw this on Happy In Dole Valley. The assignment is to name 10 concerts/bands I have seen in person

  1. Sting, seen three times. Now I wouldn’t pay to see him.
  2. Toby Keith, seen him 1.5 times. The first time the Diva Girl was not into loud noises, so I ended up taking her out to the truck and we listened to the reverb out in the parking lot.
  3. Jason Aldean, which is surprising since I am not a country fan.
  4. Sandi Patty, loved it.
  5. ELO, awesome, just awesome. E-evil Woman!
  6. Sammy Hagar by himself, before he was with Van Halen. I can’t Drive, 55!!!!
  7. Van Halen, and DLR basically was smashed, so it was less than worth it.
  8. Rascal Flatts, I just adore them!!!
  9. Allison Krause and Union Station. FANTASTIC!!!!
  10. RUSH, 2nd row!!! Outstanding!

ELO was the first concert I went to and Jason Aldean was the last I believe?

Wow, memory lane, sure is fun to go down.

Now, excuse the lack of knitting, I am knitting, just not taking pictures or documenting it. Working on a baby sweater and then I need to cast on for another shawl. I wanted to be working on one this week in memory of our trip to Maine last summer, 1 year since, but I just haven’t the oomph right now. But Thanks be to God, my mom’s journey with cancer is coming to a close at this time. Which means life will return to norman soon. She is not in need of chemo as the tumor did not reach the lymph nodes. Tomorrow she will go home and continue her recovery. Life is great!


4 thoughts on “Squeaking this in late.

  1. I’ve seen Meatloaf & Bryan Adams twice each …..apart from that, the gigs I went to were mainly classical 🙂 But , man ! Rush ! That’s a blast from the past ….And if I got the chance to see Garth Brooks I wouldn’t sniff at it 🙂

  2. That is awesome news about your mom! Loving the 10 on Tuesday post idea. I remember my brother used to blast Van Halen and Rush on his record player when we were young. I saw Rush in concert, too. Such a talented band and ahead of their time, IMO. There was such good music back then.

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