In two ways. I finally got yarn to make Fiddlehead Mitts. I have had my eye on them for ages! Bought the pattern Oct 2012! Man, that was ages ago. I dithered and dithered about what yarn to use. I really wanted to use my fave Mini Mochi. But, I just couldn’t figure the gauge would work with the size I needed. So, I gave up. Then I realized the shop I knit at was having a sale. And then it clicked that others have used Silk Garden Lite. So I found the Autumn tones I wanted and bought a skein of Ella Rae in dark green.


Situation resolved? Nope. I went online to see if I wanted to use the striping as the background or the design. In seeing others who used the same SGL I realized that the colors would pop better on a cream background instead of the dark green. So I went searching in my stash and came up with a Kimmet Croft Softie leftover in cream. I have just about the right amount, I hope. So I was ready to go.


Sunday found me prepping the SGL for knitting. You see, I am AR/OCD/and whatever else you can call me. So the colors have to match on a pair of somethings. And when pulling out the middles, the yarn didn’t match. So I had to find the match. And after finding a knot, I did find the match. But only after making a great tangle of everything.

By early evening I was able to cast on, and cast on, and cast on. That’s the other finally. It took me 5 tries, but I finally got the I-cord cast on right. It took 2 different needle sizes and 5 cast ons to determine the 1st try was the right one. Ugh! But it’s been easy sailing since then.



Now the only worry I have is, can I stretch the two skeins of SGL to cover two pair? The scale says yes, but not sure the reality will bear it out. My biggest fear is finding a match for the thumbs with the yarn I wound off to make the beginnings match. Fingers crossed. Or would that be thumbs?

OK, enough from me. Friday will see a FO reveal, if I remember to post. I have been very hit or miss here lately. Not sure why, but it’ll pass. Hope all is well in your world.

11 thoughts on “Finally

  1. I absolutely love your Fiddlehead mittens ! Using the cream coloured yarn definitely let’s the Silk Garden yarn shine . Can’t wait to see your finished mittens .

  2. Beautiful pattern and the yarn choice is lovely too. I fully agree that the autumn tones pop better on the cream background you’ve chosen. Waiting for a lovely FO!

  3. Your mitts are knitting up beautifully. I’ve never done colorwork like that before nor have I done an icord cast on. okay I fess up, an icord anything 🙂 I’m glad you got it all to work out. You’ll have a finished pair before we all know it!

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