Mid-June Recap

So far, so good this month!!! Well, in the not buying mode. The knitting yardage hasn’t exactly been flying. But the not taking in more helps the overall goal.

Yardage Knit:  296 yards and 2 skein
Yardage Bought: 0 yards and 0 skeins

Purchases so far this month:
$3.50 on a pattern. Those are allowed because they go toward the goal of using up yarn. Now, when I have to buy yarn to use the pattern, well not so much. But I do have yarn for this pattern. I have 6 skeins of Plymouth Suri Merino in a dark green color.

Trying very hard to counteract the month of May but it’s just not happening very quick.

June Goals?

1. Work on the languishing Cable Shawl. Yes!!! I did a fair bit on it one night. Still loving it, but need to make sure and mark my spot better so I don’t have to struggle to figure out what row I am on.
2. Finish baby sweater for GNG.   Yes!!!
3. Start a new shawl, Multnomah. I want to use the yarn I bought in Maine a year ago.  Not yet. Wanted to do this the first week, since that was the anniversary of our trip, but it didn’t happen.
4. Maybe, just maybe, I can do some charity hats?  Still no go on these. Need to FOCUS!
5. Work on Tom Collins. Um, yeah, no. Oh well, at least some things are getting done.

The reason not much else is getting done is because I started Fiddlehead Mitts!!!! So more knitting is going on with them than anything else. But that makes me very happy!!!

Now to get back to those goals. What’s on your plate this month?


3 thoughts on “Mid-June Recap

  1. Pretty scattered here , I have 2 pairs of socks waiting to be finished while I knit a TGV shawl . It was high speed knitting until I got to the K2P2 border . I am in a shawl knitting frame of mind lately . A hitchhiker just might be up next .

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