Knitting Contest

OK, going out on a limb here. Never do this kind of thing, but it’s for a good cause.

Our church has a Faithfest each September. Usually they do an auction to raise funds for the event. This year they are doing something different. They are having a talent table. They will be selling items donated by the members of the church. So I was asked to provide some knit items. And I will be happy to add what I can.

But I am only one, and can only knit so fast. That’s where you knitters come in. I am going to hold a contest to collect knit/woven items. Like hats, scarves, whatever. If you would be willing to donate an item or two I would greatly appreciate it. I would appreciate it so much that I will put up some prizes for the event.

For each item you donate I will put your name in a hat. I will draw three names out of the hat. The 1st name will receive a pair of hand knit Fiddlehead Mittens, similar to the pair I am making for myself. The only difference will be the solid color background. The winning pair will have a beige Cascade 220 background.

Mitten Contest

The second prize will be a skein of Malabrigo Sock Yarn in the colorway Turner. Ooh, lovely stuff.


And third prize will be a pattern of your choice up to $7.00 in price. There’s so many to choose from, how can anyone choose!!!

Now the particulars. Knit/Weave away on whatever you think will be a good item for a craft table and send me a note here: chris knits at twc dot com (no spaces). I will shoot you my address to receive your items. Then your name is added to the hat. You have some time to get this done. The event is in Sept, so I will accept items until August 20th. That gives you two months to knit items. I will try to remember to re-post this to remind and invite new knitters to join up. Now, don’t leave me hanging, I am so scared that no one will donate. LOL!


6 thoughts on “Knitting Contest

  1. How about woven items? I’ve got a scarf done on my cricket loom that’s in my “Christmas Box” but those are quicker than knit items for me.

  2. I have some small handknits that I made for my donation pile. A couple of hats I think. Let me see if I haven’t donated them already, would love to forward them to you if I still have them.

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