WIPing on Wednesday

Been awhile since I have posted on Wednesday. Just haven’t gotten my “stuff” together in time to post. But since I have been home bound watching the World Cup, I figured I could write up a post. My most favorite moments so far are Robin Van Persie’s flying header for a goal. Thomas Muller’s 3 goals in Germany’s decisive win over Portugal. And John Brooks scoring the go ahead goal for USA. Hoping my Germans keep it going until the end.

OK, on to other things. Work on my mittens is all consuming me at the moment. They are the perfect combination of knit projects. Small and portable. Color work with only 2 yarns. Magic Loop so I don’t have to worry with DPNs. Did I mention color work? Another fun thing about this project. I am using stash too. I did buy yarn for the project, but subbed out the solid for some cream I had on hand. Now I am using up some fingering for the lining that was left over from a shawl. Not sure I can do the entire lining with the yarn, so I have pulled out some other leftovers to use for the fingertips and thumbs if I run short. Not sure if I will just knit until I run out of the first yarn, or estimate and splice in the other colors.


I altered the pattern a little by adding some ribbing in at the wrist to help keep the mittens in place while wearing. Hoping that works and doesn’t alter the wearing of them. It’s hard to try them on with a long loop of cable and 2 needle tips sticking out of the lining. Maybe I will put the sts on a piece of yarn to try it on?

Please do not look too closely as there are several mistakes in the colorwork. Oh well, what’s a girl to do. I don’t think anyone would notice in the wearing of them, only me. And I am more concerned with the warmth they will provide.

Now, head over to Tami’s to see what else is on the needles this week. Be sure to visit this post to find out about my knitting contest. A pair of Fiddlehead Mittens could be yours!


8 thoughts on “WIPing on Wednesday

  1. Your colorwork mittens look fantastic 🙂 I think the ribbing will be good to keep them tucked under a cold weather jacket, non? I want to try the magic loop with socks. some day, one day.

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