Inspiration Monday

Haven’t participated in a while. Not because I haven’t been inspired, more just lack of posting. But the creativity juices sure were flowing this weekend. I met my Mom at JoAnn’s so she could order fabric for her family room draperies. While there you know I had to look for fabric. Well, I did need to get some ribbon to match a bag I made Friday. But then I had to look at fabric.

So I found a cute bundle of fat quarters and decided 1 extra in an orange would suffice to make about 6 bags. And I was right. So the weekend was full of soccer, still World Cup play, and sewing bags. And more bags! And then another project. Whew! I am almost sewn out. But it’s for a good cause. I decided the bags would add to my knitting donation for the church fundraiser. Considering they are so quick, it was a good choice.

Bags 4 Bags 2

The one on the left started it all out and was the reason I needed ribbon. As you can see the sizes vary, I was working out what size I wanted, the green one on the right is the standard from now on. It’s also all mine!!!!

And more bags! Trying to use up all the fat quarters in the pack I got at Jo Ann’s. Love that fabric. Wish I could find the yardage to make girlie things for my great-nieces!! I see little rompers with the contrast stripe used with the circle fabrics. I started using the leftover cuts and just pieced together anything I could to get the last 2 bags on the left. The middle one uses 3 fabrics on the outside and 2 on the inside! Talk about using all you got. I did have to dive into my fabric stash to finish out some linings and contrast pieces. But even so I likely only used about 2 yards total for 6 bags.

More Bags

What you can’t see in any of these photos is the unfinished ribbon ends of the drawstrings. I am waiting for a shipment of bean toggles to arrive. I ordered orange and hot pink since those are the ribbon colors I have, but plan to buy some frosted clear ones if they work. Not all ribbon colors have a match in toggle colors.

And that’s likely not the end of the bags, although I am moving on to a fabric bin project to see if that works for a cute item to sell. And I am on the fence on this one.

box fabric

The tutorial had you using the interfacing on the lining pieces. I did, but I think it’s too difficult getting the stiff lining to stay all the way seated in the non-stiff outer shell. You can see the wrinkling at the bottom corners due to the lining not staying put. Oh well, this was just a test. I still have over half of the same fabric left. Always thought I would make a bag with it, but just never got around to it. I have a lovely ultra suede that matches the green of the upholstery fabric. If I do this one again I will be sure to use the interfacing on the outside layer, like I always did in the past. Or use a much lighter interfacing. The one I used this time is for purse making.

In closing, just because I love it so much, My Bag!!

 my bag

Now, head on over to Christine’s and see what other inspiration is out there today.


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