June Recap

Stash Confession as of June 30th:
72,573 yards and 412 skeins

Monthly total

Yardage Knit: 456 yards and 2 skeins
Yardage Bought: 0 yards and 0 skeins!!!!

So yeah, I didn’t knit a good amount, but I didn’t add anything to the total, so a win! What’s not included is the small amount I knit into doll clothes that I am finishing for my aunt who passed away this year. I am finishing up clothes for her Great-Granddaughters.

Year to Date

Yardage Knit: 7035 yards and 30 skeins
Yardage Donated/Sold: 930 yards and 8 skeins!!!
Yardage Bought: 7965 yards and 38 skeins

I did buy some patterns, one was discounted, so only $9.39 spent on knitting related items. And since patterns help me use up yarn I already have, it’s a win-win.

The FOs: Sirdar Bolero for Baby Grace, Doll Outfit for Charlotte, and one Fiddlehead Mitt. The other is soo close to being done!!!


June Goals

1. Work on the languishing Cable Shawl.   Barely. Only 22 yards knit up. Oh well. 
2. Finish baby sweater for GNG.   Yes, as seen above. 
3. Start a new shawl, Multnomah. I want to use the yarn I bought in Maine a year ago.   Um, no, not even wound the yarn. 
4. Maybe, just maybe, I can do some charity hats?   Can you guess this answer. You got it, no. 
5. Work on Tom Collins.   Ha, ha, ha, it’s hilarious to even imagine I did. 

OK, you should know the drill by now. Here is where I plan some goals for July, only to not meet them. LOL! But hey, why stop the hilarity, right?

July Goals

  1. Finish these mittens! Totally doable.
  3. Cast on that shawl, or any shawl!
  4. Hats! Do you hear me Chris? Hats!!

That’s it. With the warm weather and vacation coming up, let’s be real, I won’t get that much knitting done. Plus, watching my dog nephew for a week, so there goes knitting! Watched him just shy of a week in June and only got 1 night of knitting while he was here. He’s just a pup, so always into mischief. But a cutie!!


 Duncan says “Don’t forget to check out my fundraiser contest. There are prizes for participation!”
Smart dog.


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