Wednesday FOs?

Well, they aren’t WIPs, and they aren’t knitting, but they are what is taking up my time right now.


Bags 2


More Bags

More bags,

Blue Bags

Some more bags,

Two Bags

And for the moment, the last bags.

Black bags

Whew! What started as an idea for some fund raiser items for our church, turned into a “maybe I should make some to sell at a local Saturday bazaar where my friend has a booth with her knitting patterns and yarns”. And then the fumes of new fabric drew me into JoAnn’s and that was it. So, um, I may have lots of fabric in the wings to make more. But I am waiting until I see how well these do and whether or not I want to join her once in a while. And then I will need to have some done for the fundraiser in September. Oy!

So yeah, no knitting has been accomplished since I started this venture. And I am so close to getting that 2nd mitten done!! Good thing we have knitting today. That will be a few hours toward getting it done.

Now, on to life. I have been remiss in living it lately, spending all that time hunched over a sewing machine!! LOL

Check out Tami’s to see if others are actually knitting or what.


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