Bag Mania here!

What started as an idea to make bags for a church fundraiser has turned into a beast! I mentioned to a friend that I might have some bags to vend in her booth this weekend, so this past week became a sew-a-thon! I ended up churning out 33 items over the span of a week’s time. Oh my aching shoulders. I would get some bags made, post about them, and next thing I knew, people wanted them. So then I had to make more. LOL!

Thanks to my local JoAnn’s and Hip Girl Boutique I was able to get supplies to make the bags. Thanks to trial and error I think I have the process stream lined and the bag sizes set. Now, how much longer I will be doing this depends on my attention span. LOL. Even now I am thinking of other items to make to avoid the staleness of the same thing. Ideas are luggage tags, zippered bags, and burp cloths. Plus I might pull out some patterns I have to market them too. Or not. I could be all bored with it by next week. Good thing she won’t be vending next week. I have breathing room!

Here are shots of the recent sets.

Green Phase IMG_3354 IMG_3348 IMG_3351 IMG_3353 IMG_3356

The last group shows a different pattern I tried out. It is a double string instead of the one string with cord lock. More labor intensive, so I’ve decided against it. That one might go to the College Girl.

And here are some shots of her booth. I forgot to take shots after we were all set up!

IMG_3370 IMG_3367 IMG_3368


On the left is the only small bag, the basket has the medium sizes, and the right side has the large sizes.
The bag shown is a large.

My friend’s website is Ginger Cat Knits. She has some lovely designs for sell.

So far the venture hasn’t been too bad for me. I have sold 13 bags and have 4 waiting to be purchased. If you see anything you like from the recent posts showcasing the bags, let me know. I can let you know if I have a particular one left. There are 3 sizes, 8×10, 10×10, 11-12×10. They are priced $10.00, $15.00, and $20.00. All have a base about 5″x5″ or 4″x6″. The larger sizes will fit a spindle and fiber. Most all have a loop to allow you to hang it from a small doorknob.

And with that, I am out. I need to do something about the house that is falling down around me from lack of attention! Sewing is time consuming!!


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