More bags, you will all be sick of these soon!

These are from stash fabric, been hanging around far too long! Since I ordered cord stops and ribbon in matching colors it was meant to be. Wish the plaid fabric showed better in the bag photos.

Bags bright 1

Medium size bags

Bags bright 2

Large sized bags

Luggage Tag 1

New item, luggage tag. Going to play with this one, might be too time consuming.

New Display idea

My new display solution! I use this dummy when photographing my finished shawls,
but she is perfect for hanging bags from too!

In knitting news, I am still languishing on the mitten. I just have so little to go, the tip of the mitt and then the thumb! But when my time is consumed with sewing, little knitting gets done. At least there is knit night tonight and knit lunch tomorrow. Maybe I will get done with the mitt and I can move on to a shawl or start a baby blanket. I do want to make some felted hot pads for sell, so those will get worked in whenever I have a spare moment.

But today, it’s for taking the pups swimming. They have been neglected, poor things, with all this sewing going on. So they deserve a day of fun. I hope you are having fun, whatever the day brings.


Cat got your tongue?

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