Actual knitting content!!!

Finally, the mittens are done!!! Too bad there is no cold weather to wear them. But I am not complaining! We have had some lovely mild days for July. Almost too cold to swim with the pups yesterday. At least Mom’s pool didn’t feel like bath water. But, anywho, mittens.

Fiddlehead done!!!

I still need to block the top mitt, hoping that relaxes the lining piece a bit. As it is, I doubt I will EVER do lined mittens again. Just a hassle trying to get the liner to match. But these will be toasty warm if we get another harsh winter next year.

And I have also finished more Bazaar items. 3 more luggage tags. So?, you might say. But allow me to explain the significance of that statement. It took me all night to make one Monday night. In half an evening I made 3! I think I have struck upon an assembly that matches my vision, but takes less time and effort. So far, so good. Now to branch out with fabric colors.

 Luggage tag 2

And just because, I revisited a method of packaging stitch markers. Tiny hole punch, crescent punch, cardstock, and toothpicks. Waiting for a new shipment of business cards to use in place of the cardstock. Oh how I miss my stamps some times. I gave it all away last year because I never used it anymore. Now I wish I had some things back.

Stitch markers

I plan to make up a bunch of these to sell at the next Bazaar too. And the next one will be a knit/crochet/weave/spin/etc-in public event. If you live in Southwest Indiana area be sure to check out the Franklin Street Bazaar on July 19th, 9-1. Hope to see you there.

That’s all from me. I am relishing the Germans’ win Tuesday in the World Cup. Hoping to see Netherlands advance tomorrow. And then wishing Germany will take the final on Sunday!!! After the loss in 1982 to Italy, that German National Team was my DREAM team!!!, I need a Germany win.


9 thoughts on “Actual knitting content!!!

  1. I post FOs in spite of the hostess of the link party going missing 🙂 I do love those tags – so clever, and easy to spot in the airport 🙂

  2. Your mittens look fantastic! You have been so productive turning out such nice things!

    however … I cannot support your German cause. 😦 Hehe, the World Cup has been so much fun, I’m going to go through withdrawals when it’s over. Enjoy!

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