Come on Boys!! CHAMPIONS!!!!!

It’s the Final. The end of the World Cup for 2014. My Germans are in the game. Fingers crossed and toes too. It would be really sweet to see them win. And to keep my bracket almost perfect. I have only missed two games, Columbia/Brazil and Netherlands/Argentina. As long as the Germans win I will at least pull out the final winner.

While all this has been going on I have been very productive on the crafting side. Many felted hot pads, many key fobs, and many other things have been worked on through the entire WC. What will I do for entertainment when this is over?

Here’s the latest round of stuff.

Teal HP Red HP Homespin Orange HP

Felted Hot Pads

Vines Pink Animal Chevron Lady Bugs

Key Fobs, well they will be when I get the hardware. LOL

OK, halftime and no score. Many chances, but good goalie skills deny them. Now to get the 2nd half going and get a score up on the board. Hope your day is full of what you love.

In case you couldn’t tell, WE WON!!!!!!! Yes! Now, what am I going to do during the day for the rest of the summer?


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