Wednesday check in

Boy, who would have thought I was going to go so overboard on this crafting business? Definitely not me. Ack! Someone talk some sense into me. Project bags, luggage tags, key fobs, stitch markers, felted hot pads. String bags and burp rags are next. Oh my!

Burp bundle Burp cloths

For Sweet Baby G

She’s here!!! 7’10” of baby with full head of dark hair!!!

But I cannot forget that in less than a month I need a baby blanket for a baby shower. I was thinking October when the baby is due, but that’s not happening. Or maybe I should just do E’s baby vest for the shower and hold off on his blanket for the birth? Tomorrow I take this sweater, along with the burp cloths, to the cousin of Baby E. G makes her appearance tomorrow and we can’t wait.

So today will be for deciding whether to cast on the blanket or the vest. Considering I need to find yarn to suit the vest, it just might be the blanket. Unless I go shopping?? Hmm, good thing I knit at a yarn shop on Wednesdays. Should be something I could find, right? Unless I use the DK weight Regatta in that bright turquoise? I can fix the numbers so the gauge isn’t an issue. That just may be a plan. Off to grab the yarn before knitting!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday check in

  1. Love the monkey print. I had to think a bit about burp cloths, we don’t call them that over here. I’m not sure we have a name except ‘muslins’ as that is mostly what they are made of, yours is much prettier. I think I would make the blanket, I always think I can knit faster than I do in reality. But also if you get the needle size right for the yarn it doesn’t matter so much what size it comes out, and I almost never use the yarn stated in the pattern!

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