Friday Finish

I have neglected to showcase this FO. It’s been done for a while, just waited for a special event to gift it. And that event happened Wednesday. Miss Baby G made her appearance!!!! So Thursday I set out to see her and Momma and give them gifts. But first I had to whip up something for Momma.

Atrina 2

Inside I put some presents for the family and Baby G.

baby g sweater Burp cloths

A sweet sweater for Baby G and burp cloths for Daddy, Mommy, and Big Brother!

Hopefully the sweater fits her during the Holiday season. It matches one that her big cousin GNC was gifted a few months ago. Even though they are very far apart in location they can still have matching sweaters.

In anticipation of another Bazaar event I have been busy. Still some last minute things to do, waiting on split rings for stitch markers. UPS says it delivered the package to the USPS, but we will see if they actually get it to me in a timely fashion. Their track record isn’t too good with me. If not I will just  have those for the next event I get to. Which will be in a few weeks because Vacation hits next weekend!!!

I think I have all things covered. Dog/House/Yarn sitter. Knit projects planned, with new project bags to hold them in! Sunscreen purchased. Caffeine free drinks bought (cause evidently Florida beach side groceries don’t know they are a thing). Is there anything I have forgotten? Clothes? Who needs clothes. A few bathing suits and I am good.

Now, off you go to visit the other FOs of the week. Wonder and Natural have the links!


6 thoughts on “Friday Finish

  1. Your FOs look great — the bag with the gifts — you’re very thoughtful. I love the button on the sweater, really just a sweet touch. I’m going on vacation need weekend too, yay for both of us!

  2. Girl you are making some pretty bags! Email me your address again and I’ll get the stitch markers sent out. Gotta go buy the envelopes tomorrow.

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