It’s not all sewing around here

Well, actually it is. However, there has been some knitting happening. Just very minimal knitting. But that’s about to change!!! Not on this knitting, it will have to wait in it’s current stage.


As fun as this has been to knit, it did not make the vacation knitting bag. It will stay home with the dogs and the house/dog sitter to marinate while I jet off to fun and sun. I can’t wait! And to keep me busy while I sit, prisoner in a car for 14+ hours!!!, I will knit baby hats. Trying to use up as much of the leftovers and partial skeins of sport and DK weight washable yarns in my stash as I can. I figure the easy and different patterns I have marked will make for less boredom and quick gratification.

Now, to sew up a few more bags, making some for my friend to sell this weekend while I am away, and then straighten up my dining room and prep the house for the sitter. I figure I should try to have it halfway decent. But before all that I must off to Owensboro to pick up my sister from the airport and return her to her car and her puppy. We sure will miss having his cuteness around. But puppies wear me out!

OK, you knew you weren’t getting away without bag photos. Here are some of the cat themed from my friend’s fabrics.

image image

image image

image image

Just click on the photos to see larger versions.

KO, I am out. Sleep is elusive this week so I need to catch as much as I can. And getting up an hour earlier than normal to see to a puppy’s needs is not helping. I can’t wait until I am in Florida next week with no obligations or deadlines!!! And no sewing machine!


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