I am done

With bags for a bit. Another marathon sewing session saw 6 more bags done and none too soon. My sanity is fading and I need to get on to something else. Knitting or reading or relaxing, matters not. Just something that doesn’t involve a sewing machine for a bit.

Here are the groups finished Wednesday night.

IMG_3815 IMG_3816

IMG_3817 IMG_3818

IMG_3819 IMG_3820

Now, to deliver these bags so Ginger Cat Knits can sell them this weekend at the Bazaar. Hope they go fast. They sure are cute, even if they do have cats on them. Well, obviously I am a dog person! And one less dog at the moment. But I have a feeling I will be seeing that little one again soon.

I am hoping when I return there will be mucho knitting content to share. Fingers crossed, or maybe not, who can knit with fingers crossed?


2 thoughts on “I am done

  1. You have been a bag lady (machine?) ! I cannot believe what work you’ve been cranking out. I’m not surprised you would like to mix up your medium a bit. Still, good work and always impressed with your arsenal of crafts.

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