I lied

Even though I needed to be getting ready for vacation, I couldn’t resist getting these bags sewn. The fabric was taunting me. And since I am caught up on life, time was available to do some sewing. So here are the last bags before I leave. Honestly! Most were an attempt to use up some fabric my friend handed to me. These will be for sell in August at the Bazaar in town, or in her shop eventually.

Ginger Cat Stock

IMG_3851\ IMG_3847

Grapes of Wrath

IMG_3850  IMG_3848

Thistles and Buds


My Stock


My sister bought, even though I tried to give it to her, the larger version with these fabrics, so I knocked out one to replace it. And having some small pieces left over, I thought, why not. So I made a little travel bag, about 7″ high, out of the pieces. And it is just right to hold my meds for the trip. Now I don’t have to throw them in my suitcase and not have them close at hand. Or have them bouncing around in my purse. Not that I am on a lot of meds. But sometimes you need help. Allergies, acid reflux, upset stomach, all those things that age brings to your life.

OK, my knitting is packed, my meds are packed, the snacks are packed, maybe it’s time to pack clothes? Or a nap, maybe I could take a nap? One reason I am avoiding the packing is the dogs. The big dog knows what’s up when the suitcase comes out. So to reduce his stress I try to wait as long as I can to pack. Plus, I don’t want my clothes any more wrinkled then they need be. But I really do need to knuckle down and just do it. And then I can put away laundry, make the bed for our house sitter, and then think about what I am forgetting. Or go back into the dining room and sew. Not more bags. I am actually making a small quilt top out of the leftover blues and neon greens. This is my inspiration. Not sure about the edges as I have mostly scraps, but something will come to me.

Enjoy your weekend! Pray for safe and quick travel for us tomorrow. And then sunshine for the next week!!!


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