July Recap

Geesh, I can’t believe I am even saying that. Where has the time gone? In 2 weeks my Diva Girl will be back at high school and another week later the College Girl will be back for her 2nd year of college. It just can’t be that time of the year yet.

But anywho, here we go with the Recap.


  • Yardage Knit: 683 yards 4 skeins
  • Yardage Bought: 0 yards 0 skeins!!!
  • Yardage Acquired(LOL): 463 yards 1 skein

Since it was acquired in a trade I am not counting it as bought. 😉


  • Yardage Knit: 7718 yards 34 skeins
  • Yardage Bought: 5858 yards 28 skeins
  • Yardage Donated/Sold: 930 yards 8 skeins
  • Yardage Acquired: 463 yards 1 skein

The FOs

1 pair of mittens, 3 hats, 6 hot pads, Umpteen Key Fobs, Several Stitch Marker Sets, and a Gazillion Project Bags. Here’s a link to all of them, or here’s a pic of some of them.

July Knitting

Eek! Forgot to note,

July Goals

  1. Finish these mittens! Totally doable, And done!
  2. WORK ON CABLE SHAWL! Um, nope.
  3. Cast on that shawl, or any shawl! Just cast on Sewanee.
  4. Hats! Do you hear me Chris? Hats!! Finally! Hats! See them up there? 3 of them!

And now, August Goals

  1. Finish Sewanee
  2. Cast on a shawl for my mom from a friend’s pattern.
  3. Work on that Cable Shawl!
  4. Start a baby vest or blanket. Probably vest for an August 9th shower.

Now, we will see what gets accomplished from that list.

Today finds us heading home to our pups. So blessed to have time away with the family and Diva Girl’s BF, but going home is always best. I pray for blessings of family and home for all of you today and always. This trip found me really trying to count my blessings and find my happy place. I hope I don’t lose that with going home and all the stresses that will sprout up over the next few weeks. The great thing about going home is two different families are coming in from the East Coast to visit over the next week. So we will be rich in family events from Monday to the following Sunday. Can’t wait to see a new little one we have yet to meet!


One thought on “July Recap

  1. You have been a busy little knitter! I’m glad you found some peace. Getting back to normal can be hard, but go back and find your happy place when necessary! Have a great weekend 🙂

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