Home Sweet Puppy Home

Back with my pups and so happy to be here. Vacation is good, but it disrupts the rhythm of life and I need my rhythm. If I lived there year round I would create a new rhythm. Without sand, surf, and sun here, it’s just not the same to go out and sit in a beach chair in my backyard. LOL! Plus, no ocean breeze to cool me. Only 100% humidity! But I do have to say, the mild temps for July/August are very appreciated!

Here are the hats that were knit while I was away. They deserve their own post. All were made with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, one of my fav baby yarns. I am down to 4 partial skeins and some scraps. Trying to use up all I can! And then it’s on to the Comfort DK partial skeins. And then maybe the Valley Yarns DK skeins. Hopefully I can use up all these oddlots.


IMG_3958 IMG_3959

IMG_3960  IMG_3961

IMG_3966 IMG_3968

This one will be getting a knit flower for decoration.

IMG_3969 IMG_3972

IMG_3973 IMG_3975

Now, do I craft or nap? Considering I went to bed about 9:30 last night and woke up about 7:30, I doubt I really need sleep. But it’s such a lazy day and I really don’t want to jump back into the sewing and knitting right now. Considering I knit just about the entire time we drove home, I need to give my hands a rest from size 4US needles. I guess I could make some more hot pads. They use a 10US, so no little tips to grip. And since you start in the center and go out, no death grip on small needles while doing decreases. I don’t know why, but it seems so much easier to start in the middle and go out, than to decrease down to the middle. Although I do hate the bind offs when I work center out!

I guess I could just make some lanyards since I have the ribbons all sewn and I was just waiting for the hardware. Of course it came while I was gone, so now I have no excuse for not getting them done. Trying out a method to see if it’s worth pursuing for a school fundraiser. We are going to make Key Fobs, but since the kids all use lanyards, we thought we might try some of them. The choice is, double layer ribbon, brown solid backing a gold/white paw print, or just the gold/white paw print. “We Are, The Central Bears!” So you gotta have the paw. The ribbon isn’t that hefty, so that’s a concern. I am making one prototype for the Diva Girl’s Boyfriend, so we might let him test it out. If he doesn’t destroy it too quickly it might work.

OK, off to do something. Groceries were got, house isn’t too bad from the vacation unpacking, and laundry is chugging along. Maybe a nap is just the ticket.

Cat got your tongue?

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