A little more sewing is going on

Yes, more sewing and more buying. I gotta stay out of JoAnn’s!!! But with 25% off of the entire purchase and 40% coupons to use, you just gotta go! I needed to find some purple fabrics for a special request, some boy flannel for the next GreatNepheWEli, and I saw a canvas artwork I wanted to find at 60% off plus the 25% off. Success on the purple and flannel, not on the artwork.

 IMG_4001 IMG_4002

The flannel made up quick, along with some remnants of flannel I made into beribboned burp cloths.


IMG_4034 IMG_4032

IMG_4011 IMG_4008

IMG_4010 IMG_4007

All those ribbon crafts have yielded some remnants that came in handy!

Now to get to work on those special order bags. I posted the fabric on FB to show the friend who requested purple, and another friend piped up to claim the 2nd bag I will get from the fabric. Now, if all the other bags would sell themselves!

The next craft I will try to master is headband making. Got some lovely shabby roses and stretchy elastic to try my hand at it. And with two new baby girls to craft for I have a great incentive. I thought the roses needed something else so I pulled out my button boxes and went to town stacking buttons. I love the buttons I ended up with. Though it took me way too long to decide, I was having too much fun stacking buttons!!!

IMG_4067 IMG_4068

Knitting is happening, I just need to get it done by Saturday!! Baby shower is happening for the next GNWE. And I happened upon Ginx’s special pricing on her headband pattern, so you know baby girls are going to get some of these!


4 thoughts on “A little more sewing is going on

  1. Gosh, you are on a roll with all the sewing and hat knitting! It has been soooo long since I finished anything, so it has been fun to see all of your FO’s lately. Hopefully I will be able to get some ornaments done and mailed off to you next week.

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