What a day

But first, more flannel!!! LOL. Special request for burp cloths sent me back for boy fabric. And decided to pick up extra for girls. Happy dance, the white print under the pink was a remnant. I love remnants!!!

 IMG_4055 IMG_4056

Tuesday was spent in Louisville, KY at Valhalla watching the practice round for the PGA tournament being held there this weekend. Didn’t see any major names, but the College Girl and our friend’s grandson went around and got to Rory McIlroy and others. My Dad, our friend, and I sat in the shade and watched whoever walked by. And hung out in the merchandise tent where it was AC cool!!


Side note, the photo above is College Girl and I standing in front of a banner of Jason Duffner. As I tried to post the pic on FB I tried to tag College Girl in the photo. FB kept asking me to tag the 3 people in the photo. Yep, it was trying to tag Duffner. LOL!

During the drive over and the bus ride to the club I started a baby sweater that needs to be done by Saturday. Yes, you read right, SATURDAY!!! I was surprised by the shower invite, not even thinking far enough ahead to plan the blanket knitting in time. Baby is due October, so I was focused on that timeline. And then I dithered about vest, blanket, sweater, even going so far as to work up a color chart for a sweater motif. And then I just winged it and cast on gramps. Too bad I didn’t think about inserting the color chart into this sweater pattern. Because, of course, I didn’t pack the other two yarns with me! So I will just knit as is and hope it’s done in time.


Working the 3 month size means I have a chance, it’s just the shawl collar that will be the slog. But I can do it. Knitting today with my buds will see lots of progress. And if I hold off on sewing right now, I should be fine. I just need to get two bags and some burp cloths done this week. Running out of time!!!


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