Back in the saddle again

Got a text early Thursday morning that Diva Girl’s Boyfriend’s (DGB from here on out) little sister was playing a golf match for their high school at our home course. It’s an annual tourney put on by one of the county schools close to our city. They invite other area schools to take part. College Girl played in many of those on a hot August day. So I saddled up the golf cart and headed out to follow her. Haven’t done that for almost 2 years.  It was fun, and much milder temps than past years. DGB’s dad was able to make it out for about 6 holes, he’s recovering from knee surgery, so I got to chauffeur him.

But, all the golf watching this week has put my knitting time in jeopardy! I need to get that baby sweater done. Good thing I am done with the ribbing on the bottom of the body. Now on to the sleeves and eventually the collar. Saw the mom and dad of GNW-to-be last night during a gathering of family. The other greats are in town so we got to meet the new great-niece and see her big brother again. He was mowing the yard. Too cute! He was too busy to stop and see his new monkey bag I made him.

And also back in the bag making saddle, having finished 6 the other night. 2 were special orders and the other 4 were from the fabric I got in Daytona. And new toggles came in just in time to use on the latest bags. The Rain Shed has a great range of colors in mini-toggles. I used their purple, red, and teal colors in the short ellipse style for these bags.

 IMG_4084 IMG_4094

IMG_4089 IMG_4087

IMG_4086 IMG_4085

And a few more burp cloths

IMG_4079 IMG_4081

Now hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will have clear skies on Saturday to get back to the Bazaar to sell stuff. I have missed 2 weekends already and don’t want to miss many more since there are only 7 weekends left after this one.

OK, time to get back to the knitting and try to get some baby girl burp cloths done before Saturday. And then try to figure out how to be two places at once. The Bazaar and a Baby Shower. Is it too late to clone myself?


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