For Leah Bedeah!

Here are the pages and sites I have used to learn to make bows.

HipGirl Boutique, order often from them, great service. They have free tutorials here. These are two devices I have ordered and use: Bow Clip , I actually have 4, so I will send you one, and bow maker, The bow maker is actually a decor item for the home, but it works the same as the pricier bow makers. I use the bow clip to hold things in place while I am wrapping the bows on the maker. But they can also be used without the maker.

The Ribbon Retreat has awesome videos and tutorials. Haven’t ordered from them yet, but I am sure they will give great service too. They also do a blog with more ideas.

If you have a JoAnns close by, check out their mobile app for great coupons. I try to get the ribbons 30%-50% off with coupons. Hobby Lobby also has a great ribbon selection. Haven’t checked Michaels’ stock.

 All you really have to do is just follow the videos or tutorials and they really do work!

For the gathered flowers I use wired ribbon. I secure the wire at one end of the ribbon so it won’t pull out while gathering. I remove the wire from the other edge. They gently pull the wire out of the ribbon and gather up the fabric. After it is gathered I start to roll it and tack it with needle and thread on the back side. This site has a great tutorial for them. I also use the same idea with wider ribbons and fold them in half. When doing these you do not remove the wire from the other ribbon edge.

This site has some great ribbon ideas for flowers.

Here’s a cute folded style I have yet to try.

Hope this helps get you started.


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