Oh, My Stars!!!

Is it really September 1st!!!!????? Gah, life is a whirlwind around here. Comings and goings and everything in between. So where to start?

Stash record as of Aug 31st:
72,325 yards 410 skeins

Monthly recap
961 yards 5 skeins knit
217 yards and 1 skein bought

I am doing so well this summer. Only 2 skeins in 3 months added to stash. One was just too good to pass up, only $3.00 for 217 yards of Berroco Vintage! The other was obtained in trade, so no money changed hands.

9609 yards 47 skeins lighter

Finishes for the month are a mixed bag.


It looks like a lot of head things, and I guess it is. LOL! Bags are still being made, just fewer and further between. It’s all bows all the time right now. And I love it! The Ribbon Retreat and HipGirl Boutique get lots of attention these days.

Now, to look at those pesky goals I keep setting.

August Goals

  • Finish Sewanee: Nope, but I have worked on it here and there.
  • Cast on a shawl for my mom from a friend’s pattern: Um, still haven’t bought the pattern.
  • Work on that Cable Shawl! Yeah, no, no, not, never, nothing.
  • Start a baby vest or blanket for a baby shower for August 9th. Done, but it ended up a baby sweater.

September Goals

  • As little as possible? Finish the current baby item, blanket, and cast on another, Gramps sweater.
  • Add stock to my Bazaar inventory. 2 bigger shows coming up and 1 in October. Plus the Rivercity Faithfest is the last Saturday in September. I want to have items for it.
  • 20 key fobs for a friend’s organization. She is a Social Worker and after the death of both parents, in a tragic motorcycle accident, she has started a center for those in need.
  • Set up one of the bedrooms as my craft room. It’s been too long since I had a room dedicated to my crafting. It’s time to get it out of the dining room. LOL
  • Make 100 key fobs and 100 hair Pony O’s with the help of the cheerleaders for their fundraiser. Yikes!

And that’s it.

Hope you enjoyed this recap, but it’s mostly for my own records. And it helps to show my month wasn’t a total loss. I can say I did something.

3 thoughts on “Oh, My Stars!!!

  1. nmccarroll2014

    Your goal idea is great. Was thinking about that idea and am deciding if , or thinking about, I should say, putting something like that in writing. It will bring purpose to projects for sure. Speaking of projects, three stars to yours.

    Cute headbands and hats.

  2. km

    And I never once made it to the post office. I had 2 hats and a scarf for you. Well, I’ll just keep them in a box for the next time someone has a need.

  3. Such a busy time of year…can’t believe that it is September already! Lots of cute hats in your monthly montage. I hope that you post pictures of your new craft room when it is finished.

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