After living out of my dining room the past 3 months I am finally in a real room. A sort of real craft room. Oh, not the elaborate, gorgeous, decorator beautiful, craft room. More like a craft corner and a closet. But it’s all mine and it’s perfect.

Since College Girl went back to school a few weeks ago I decided it’s time to create a me space. Not that I have anyone trying to compete for the entire house all day long. But this space would be out of sight of visitors, which the dining room was so not. It would be a place I could keep everything out, or not. A place with a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Or something like that.

I give you, Chrisknits’ Craft Corner, or something equally corny!

image  image

image  image

image image

image image

Gah, that ironing board cover has got to go!

And actually the day bed is going too. A friend saw it on FB and asked where we got it because she is looking for one. And I offered to sell it to her. LOL! We have two twin beds in another bedroom so I will pull one of those in here. I’ve got to have a place to lay down when the crafting gets too hard.

And yes, the walls are Pepto Bism0l Pink! This was Diva Girl’s bedroom before the great College Exodus of 2013. Diva took College’s room and we repainted it blue. How Diva went from pink to slate blue is beyond me. I just finished Diva’s room with a new bed side table and art work, photo frames, mirrors and a bird cage wall thing. The bird cage thing has all her scarves on it.

Now that everything is out of the back bedroom and one of those beds is moving into the craft room, I need to get on to straightening that back bedroom. Considering it has a table saw thingie, the soft top apparatus to College’s Jeep Wrangler, and now College Girl’s leftover stuff, it needs to be organized. And just maybe those things that are not like the other things need to find a new home in the garage or attic?

Now the funny thing about the new room is, it’s upstairs and it’s confusing the dogs. LOL! They don’t know whether to stay up here with Mom or go downstairs to their normal resting spots. Somehow I think they will sort it all out in the end.



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