Still here

Still knitting, still sewing, now bowing and who knows what else!

Cheer and Soccer seasons have ramped up, so Mom is busy running and doing. Self elected for Cheer Fundraiser Mom I am ramping up some fundraisers and wondering why I opened up my big mouth! LOL. But it’s fun and ultimately for the girl, so what else do I have to do? Well, knit, sew, cook, love on dogs, sit, sleep, shop, and 100 other things.

On the knitting front, still chugging along on the baby blanket. Almost ready to start the garter ridges at the opposite end. This should be done in time for the Oct birth. On the other front, I have yet to start a sweater for the baby boy due any day now, a knitting friend’s grandbaby. Oh well, there’s still time before winter hits.

On the sewing front, several new bags and new fobs.

image image image

 image image image

image image image

On the bow front, my first stacked bow, and then my first BIG! stacked bow. LOL

Colts Bow image

The small one, a special order for a Colts colored bow, is 1/3rd the size of the other. I need to retake the photo of the BIG! one, the lime green color isn’t showing.

I am finding that I love making bows. I guess it’s no different than any other process I go through. The mixing of colors and patterns is probably where the thrill starts. And then the actual making and finishing are just fun.

OK, back to prepping for tomorrow’s Bazaar. It’s the last one I will likely be at since the next two weeks my friend is at other venues. Not sure if I will make both of those venues or not. Both are to my west and just not sure I want to make the slog for 3 days each. Definitely not on Fridays, as those are for football!!! Well, cheerleader watching and her defense playing beau watching.

Wishing all a lovely weekend of sunshine and smiles. Life is grand!!!


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