A few changes were made

To the sewing/craft room. I lost the day bed. How could I lose something so big? Hm, it’s a mystery. And even more amazing, my friend 2 hours away “found” a day bed that looks just like mine. 😉 So, with an empty wall to fill I had Hubster and the Football Player, Diva’s Beau, bring up my cedar chest full of fabric from the living room. I moved the bookcases from the one wall to another. Oh, I’ll just show you.

image image

image image

Now, the ironing board may be replaced with a comfy chair. The window is to the right of the ironing board, I guess just like the pictures show. I put the bedding on the cedar chest just to make a cozy sitting spot for any possible need. Don’t worry, if I need to lay down I have 2 bedrooms and a couch near by.

I won’t be able to vend for a few weeks so I took the stuffing out of the bags and ironed them all nice and neat and packed them away. Love the pile they made.


In surfing the web recently I came upon this idea for a wreath. I am guessing they have been big for a while, and I am just late to the party? Anyway, it sent me to Jo-Ann’s for the supplies. Here’s my stash for my attempt.


 Not shown is the printed burlap ribbon I will use for my bow.

And just because they were on sale, I got a spool holder so I can have my threads close at hand. They usually reside in the small wood bookcase under the ironing board in the photo at top. Who wants to walk all the way across the room to search for thread? Not all the thread fit on there, but I think I have most every color range covered.


And to close, a remnant is looking at some possible combos for more bags.

image image


3 thoughts on “A few changes were made

  1. You say I’m talented, gf so are you! I am looking forward to getting my craft room done. Got the grass mowed today, took three hours because it hadn’t been mowed in two weeks. UGH. I’ll get there though. I really want to finish up my bathroom, which won’t take long. May try that this week some time after work. Will send dd out to do the weed eating for me. I hope you have a great week!

  2. It looks amazing! I love how neat and organized everything is. Also love how you styled up the chest with all that cozy bedding. Definitely stealing that idea…can never have too much yarn storage, LOL.

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