Bow fun going on here

Having fun making bows and next thing you know you’re having a time keeping your finger from bleeding all over the bows after an unfortunate accident with a rotary cutter! LOL, true story. I was busy cutting lengths of ribbon for a mass production line of Pony O’s, when my right hand swung too far wide and the open blade made contact with my left index finger and that sharp blade just sliced into my finger. Blood was spurting everywhere!!! But thankfully none of the ribbon was bled on.

A major wrapping of gauze and bandages meant I was clumsy and had a time making a knot in the thread I was using. I normally use my index finger on my left hand to twist a knot in the thread. It was hard learning to do the same with my middle finger. So, then it took all afternoon and part of the evening to make 23 Pony O’s. But then I still had time to start the burlap wreath I have been planning.

Pony Oooooooo's



Waiting for the flowers, ribbon, and B, which needs to be painted first. But I want to seek advice from my floral guru about where and how to place the flowers. And fluff out the bad spots up there in that wreath.

And just because I am still a bow making fiend, the latest ones.

Blue Colts Clip Blue Colts Headband

Yellow Stack image

Now, hoping I can knit tomorrow with the bum finger. Funny how much a little thing like a bandage on your finger throws you off. Plus the pain from the slit in your skin reminds you to be careful. Let’s hope I don’t poke it too much with the tip of the needles. But considering I am such a finger tapper, it’s gonna happen.


3 thoughts on “Bow fun going on here

  1. You have a bow-making injury! Crafters, you never know what’s gonna happen. No, I am sorry you are injured. I’m sorry for anything that prevents anyone from knitting when they want to. Maybe you should just let it heal first so you don’t aggravate it. Take care and heal fast.

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