The end is near!!!!

Of the current baby blanket. Sorry to scare you with some other kind of end. All’s good on that end. Well, I think. Since I don’t have any inside info on it, I am assuming we are still gonna be here for a while.

Anywho, we ran up to Indy for the Shamrock Series game between ND and Purdue this past weekend. We were the victors!! LOL, with Hubster being a Purdue attendee for 2 years, but an ND fan since young, we couldn’t miss. But we were all decked out in ND garb, so I think our loyalties were obvious.

Hubster, College Girl, Diva Girl, and Football Player

During the ride up I was able to get more blanket knitting done. By the time we arrived back home on Sunday I had just started the last dark teal band. Should be done with this pup by Wednesday at knitting, if not sooner.


And the door wreath is done. I love it. It was tricky getting the B on it. I ended up tacking some thumb tacks on the back and wrapping upholstery thread around it to hang it from the wire wreath.


Now I am pondering how to get more light on my front porch! It faces north, so the sun doesn’t illuminate my porch at all. I am thinking it’s not showing up very well during the day. Hmm, how to change that. Oh well, I know it’s there and I look at each time I leave the house. Makes me happy!


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