FO Friday

And what a sweet FO it is. Some of you may remember this is the year of the baby knitting, and bow making it seems. But this latest baby won’t need no bows. He will be all boy knowing his dad! So for his arrival I have made a blanket to match his cousin GNG’s blanket. Only with boyish colors instead.

Eli’s Coming!!

Eli's Blanket

And just because I love the texture in this knit, a macro shot.

Macro Blanket

I really enjoy this blanket pattern, so easy and yet so pretty. And so many ways to vary it. I decided this time to keep the center free from garter ridges. And I like it either way. But 2 is enough, so the next baby blanket will be Georgie. I can see how versatile this pattern will be also. Now I just need a baby to knit it for. LOL!

But before all that, and likely after I finish the languishing Sewanee shawl, it will be time for Miss Dashwood. My local shop had one on display, and knowing how much I love PaulaP designs, it was meant to be. In looking at the Tosh Sport I tried to keep away from my usual suspects. So this came home with me.


Mourning Dove

I have very little in blues, and only 1 knit, in progress, in denimy blue. That in-progress stole will not likely get done any time soon, so this shawl will have to fill the gap. And just as soon as I finish up some Rudolph hats, finish Sewanee, make my Mom a shawl, and make more bows, and sew more bags, I WILL cast on this shawl! Maybe.

Have a blessed day, and check out Wonder and Natural for all the Friday fun!


9 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. I’ve jus cast on that blanket for a friend who is expecting. I’m doing mine in white, lime green and bright turquoise. I’ve got a reasonable quantity of yarn so I’ve out an extra couple of pattern repeats in to make it more square. I think I’ll enjoy making it and hopefully the babe will enjoy either lying on it or under it!

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