Bows, and more bows!

When I get on a kick, I stick with it.

Hats today, bows tomorrow, who knows what will be after that.


I call this one Neapolitan, can you guess why?

pale pink Pink Hot Bow

green small cheetah

Even though I seem to be doing a lot of bows, 96* Pony O’s for the cheer leader’s team cheer clinic on Sunday, I am still getting a lot of knitting done. Current work is on a baby sweater for the knitting friend’s new grand-baby. He’s a cutey! And his momma loves handknits, so she is getting a sweater for that babe. Nothing like an appreciative mom.

OK, time to get ready for whatever is coming my way today. Free Christian concert at our church, bazaar booth with my friend, and whatever else life throws my way. Hope your day is filled with things you love.

* half done by me and the other half with help from an awesome cheer mom!


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