So proud of our girl!

We traveled north a few hours on Sunday to attend an induction ceremony. Our College Girl’s university recognizes the previous year’s freshman honor students* who are in the top 10% of their class. Our girl was one of them. What an honor! So they have a little gathering to recognize the students. Each student asks a prof/mentor to be their sponsor. How neat it was to meet our daughter’s choice, one of her chem profs. He must be a good one because several others asked him to stand up for them also.

It was a quick trip up and back, with Hubster actually feeling sick at the outset, but worth the time and effort. Although my knitting time was limited since I had to drive us up there. But I knit while listening to the speakers and the handing out of certificates, so that made up for it. And the entire ride home saw me knitting as much as I could.

I wish I could say I was finishing up one of the WIPs, but alas, I started a new project last night. Our dog sitter will be home from college this weekend, and she asked for some boot cuffs. I figured it would be easier to get them knit this week and then I can just give them to her while she watches the dogs over the weekend. They are going quickly considering they are cabled.

Boot cuffs for courtney

And here’s a pic from the day, College Girl and her proud Momma!!


So hard to believe she is in her 2nd year of college. I don’t feel old enough to have a 20 year old! Even if I am old enough to already have a small grandchild**. Please, I am not ready for that yet.

Now, back to the cuff. With any luck I will have the first one done in no time and on to the second. And then back to baby sweater knitting and hat making and shawl knitting and bag sewing and and and……

*The honor students are housed together on the top floor of one of the dorms and are required to attend a certain # of lectures and take part in an honors class each year. They have to keep their GPA up and submit a project before graduating.

**OK, old enough to have a middle school grandchild!


5 thoughts on “So proud of our girl!

  1. Awesome all the way around.I’m sorry your Husband wasn’t feeling well, but I’m glad you were there to celebrate her achievement. I love the photo of you two together, too cute. The cuff looks great!

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