So worried for our Girl

You have the highs, like Sunday, and then the lows, like today. Actually the low started last Dec and has just been continuing. Diva Girl was diagnosed with Ovarian Cysts last Dec. She has had 2 episodes of bring her to her knees pain. Medicine has controlled the issue sine January, but recent mis-dosing on DG’s part precipitated another bout of pain. It started last Tuesday and came and went through Friday night. Then we figured it was over. Until this morning. Finally I was able to get the Dr’s to see her. We went for an Ultrasound and it showed no cysts. OK? So what is causing the pain? My first reaction is Appendicitis, having suffered that fate in grade school. But it hasn’t progressed to a severe issue, nor has she shown any other symptoms.

Pressing the on call Dr for answers, her regular Dr is on maternity leave, she uttered the dreaded E word. Endometriosis. But she said it so flippantly and followed it up with, but it would just be controlled with medicine, so no biggie was her attitude. Well, excuse me, but it IS a biggie. Now we are in a waiting mode to follow up with her regular Dr in Dec, which will mean a few more months on the medicine. Hopefully she will be pain free, but we still prefer to know if there is the presence of Endometriosis in her body or not.

So, I am asking for prayer first of all. We can’t have her missing school because she can’t even stand. Nor do we like seeing her in pain. And second, if you have any insights into the symptoms and cycles of Endometriosis, we would appreciate hearing your stories. We have no family history of it, so we have no experience with it. We are at a lose to understand it. We just hope that this isn’t a possibility, but have no idea what it could be.

Her pain symptoms are:

  • Pain starting and radiating out from her right abdomen
  • Pain in her back, right side
  • Nausea from the pain
  • Pain so severe she is doubled over
  • Low grade discomfort in between the acute attacks

Sound familiar? Would appreciate any insight you have. Thanks.


10 thoughts on “So worried for our Girl

  1. Yes it does sound familiar and yes I have endometriosis. However, more of my pain is caused by adhesions than the endo. If you have endo you are more likely to suffer with adhesions when you have surgery, this is why they don’t like to do much surgery on you if you do have it, but it can only be diagnosed definitively with keyhole surgery. A vast chunk (10% is estimated) of the population of women of childbearing age have endo and many of them never know until they try and have children. If DG DOES have endo it is great that it is being caught so early, before it has a chance to do much damage. I first started getting symptoms in my 20s after an ectopic pregnancy, before that I was totally without pain. I pretty much self diagnosed initially after a locum doctor raised it as a possibility when giving me pain relief, for similar symptoms to DG. The place I found most of my information was a UK site (I’m British) but it has great information so I am going to link to it here: and this is a US version I really hope that helps a little. Catching it early is a great thing and endo can be controlled and it’s effects reduced. Some women go on the birth control pill and everything is fine after that, other’s have stronger hormonal treatments to help improve things or laser surgery to remove the damaging cysts and adhesions. There are many different options. In terms of pain relief now I find heat to be a good option. You can get adhesive heat patches for joint, muscle and period pain in the UK and they are wonderful for helping as you move around during the day, or hot water bottles when at home. I also have an electric heat pad which is like a mini electric blanket just for my sore spots. I also found a TENS machine useful, though some people I know have not got on with them at all. In the long term I did well with acupuncture and a friend had improvement by changing her diet, there are books out there. I’ve heard yoga helps but as I can’t sit upright without pain its not something I’ve tried. I am a very extreme case of an endo sufferer as I had all sorts of complications due to adhesions after surgery (ruptured appendix!) Before the appendix thing I was doing pretty well on hormone treatment as was starting to think about being able to go back to work, so like I say, catching it early is a good thing and every woman has a different experience of endo, so if that is what she has, she will have to find her own path and learn what works or doesn’t for her. If you want to talk about it any further you can email at stitchedtog(at)gmail(dot)com.

  2. So sorry to hear about a potential Endometriosis diagnosis. I was told I have it, but only very low stage. Apparently endo is present in every woman, but most aren’t affected by it. I would recommend looking into cutting out wheat and sugar as that can aggravate it. Also, to get a proper diagnosis she will probably need to get a laparoscopy, that is the only way they can actually ddetermine whether it really is endo.

    Sorry to can’t be of more help, I do hope she gets seen soon!

  3. my niece went through E for yrs.. hers was worst around her Period.. the lining of the uterus gets outside & floats around the bowel. in doing so during a period IT WOULD also swell & cause her to not be able to have a bowel movement w/o terrible pain. this was years ago.. surely they have meds now that can alleviate such pain..
    I would think if it was cysts it would be in-between cycles , when the egg AKA cyst is trying to leave & make it to the fallopian tube..
    so sorry .. I feel for her .. poor thing.
    you have to have her home when she is so sick.. assignments can be done when she feels better.
    Blessings ..

  4. I had endometriosis when I was younger. Never had pain such as you describe. She needs to see her OB/GYN to have this treated. Being on birth control pills gave good relief for me. The scariest symptom I had was very heavy bleeding with clots. But my doctor always asked about cramps.

  5. I bet you were very proud of CG! I have a 19 1/2 year old so I am not far behind you. Now, I have no experience with endo but it sounds very similar to my symptoms and a friends symptoms with our gall bladders. With me, I would have discomfort on the right side of my stomach, followed by two really severe bouts of pain. I would get nausea with the severe pain. Frequently, I would have pain with no real explanation. Certain things I would eat would give me discomfort. My friend would get pain in her her stomach that would radiate to her back. The doctor didn’t think it was her gall bladder because of the back pain. So, after her doctor takes a look at her if it isn’t endo have them check that next. Everyone’s symptoms are different. Even if it is, she will be ok. I have a friend that has it and she has successfully carried two babies. It’s just a matter of controlling it. You definitely have my prayers and I am hoping that you are feeling better. HUGS!!!!!

  6. Your girl will be in my prayers. Here’s a good website for reliable information on the subject:
    Many of my patients find relief with NSAIDS (ibuprofen, naproxen), heat therapy and hormonal treatments such as birth control pills or depo-provera injections. They also might want to rule out other causes for the pain, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Although sometimes endometriosis is accompanied by IBS. Exercise is also an effective treatment to lessen the pain, when she is able to.

  7. It sounds like gallbladder pain. They have to do an ultrasound to definitively confirm, but this sounds exactly like what happened to me before they took mine out. So, that could be something you could ask to have checked out. Especially if symptoms occur after having eaten really greasy foods. Hope this helps. Hang in there!

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