Off the Cuff

Our Dog Sitter made a request for boot cuffs recently so I got on it. Had three styles to show her and let her choose which one she preferred. She opted for Entangled Boot Cuffs. And I got quickly to work with some Ecru Ella Rae Superwash I got at a great price!! Just wish it only took one skein and not another 40 yards from the 2nd skein. I might pare it down to less ribbing and see if that helps reduce the yardage needed.


 Folded over version

Cuffs 2

 Stand up version

Close cuff

 Laid flat version, LOL

Now, to confess, what the last photo is not showing is the mis-crossed cable on the back side. That middle cable at the beginning of the row was mis-crossed at the bottom. I had already finished the cuff when I realized it. Because of the twisting and turning, I feared I would have to rip out way too many stitches to rip it back down to the mistake. After showing it on FB my friend, the dog sitter’s mom, said DS would never even notice or care. Sure hope so. And for the most part, the mistake will always be tucked in the boot if she puts them on the same way every time.

Now, back to the baby sweater for my friend’s grandbaby. Handed off the baby blanket on Wednesday to the new great nephew. He’s a tiny thing so far, but cute as can be! I can feel the knitting mojo is back and raring to go. Hopefully I can crank out all these goals for October, and maybe do more than I plan.

Thank you for the comments on my last post. After discussions with my MIL, who worked for a GYN/OB Dr all her life, and a friend’s daughter who suffers from cysts and endo, we are leaning towards the possibility it is endo. So we are looking at life style changes she can make to reduce the effects and symptoms. Hopefully in December when she sees her GYN we can continue the conversation.


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