Chuku Hats

It’s been a hat making process here for the last week. You make a hat and then everyone wants one just like it. Or maybe it’s because I keep offering to make them. LOL. So the pattern is Chuku from Mirasol. I must say, I do not understand why people knit hats, especially with stranding, FLAT!!!! Come on people, in this day and age? And then to go from stranding a pattern to Mosaic? Just do it all stranded in the round and save people the effort. But other than that I like the design. 😉


 Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Sport


Ella Rae Superwash Worsted


Ella Rae Superwash Worsted

Obviously I seem to obsess. Plus, I have another already on the needles. Just trying to use up all the yarn. The first was a kid size, then a teen, and then an adult. Only the last one I think is too large for the teacher I made it for, so I told her to give it to her guy and I would make another if it didn’t fit. She said no way was she giving it to her guy!!! LOL.

Thursday night was spent with family honoring the birthday of Hubster’s brother who was lost to a car accident at the age of 14. We grabbed pizza and gathered with his siblings, their families, and  their mom. My SIL had a special request. I made a reindeer hat for her grandson, the GNH, and recently he had it on and his Dad said he needed one of those. So I am making him one for Christmas for SIL to give him. Only I will leave off the bobble noses, unless he requests them at Christmas. LOL


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