Inspiration Saturday


Joining in with Woolen Diversions today.

I have been inspired by hats, Duh! Guess you couldn’t tell. And the hats that are inspiring me are stranded styles, or ones with color. So, without further ado, here’s my list of must dos(Ravelry links):

  1. Chuku has featured big in this. 4 made so far, and another one, this time in black and grays, will be cast on as soon as I order/buy yarn.
  2. Shwook is coming up, even charted the colors I plan to use. Bright Daletta colors I have had for a very long time. Too long! Or, maybe the Valley Yarn I have leftover from Cranberry Rose?
  3. Ava Beret is just too cute! Would be adorable for some little girls I know.
  4. Skoufaki is just adorable in the sherbet brights version. Just not sure I have enough leftovers in brights to make one.
  5. Thorpe has long been on my list.
  6. Candy Cane has been done before and would use up some leftovers.
  7. And Foxy is adorable!!
  8. But then Swirly is so elegant.
  9. But then I want to do another Pick and Mix Hat(bottom photo), not one or even two are enough!
  10. And to round out my list, another Rudolph. This one has actually been requested by my Sister-IL for her Son-IL. He noticed his son’s version and mentioned he needed one too. We aren’t sure if he was teasing or truthful, so we are going ahead with plans to make sure he has one for Christmas. LOL!

So, what’s inspiring you today?

4 thoughts on “Inspiration Saturday

  1. You are super into hats right now, I like it! I love that your family seems to be involved with some of your inspiration as well. That’s pretty cute. I like your choices: so many different themes going on. I’m all for the Pick and Mix and that toddler beret would make an excellent gift for a friend of mine’s daughter. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to do a Turn a Square for my own head this fall 🙂

  2. Shwook is at the top of my to-knit list. I have to go through the mountain of Palette colors in my stash and decide on colors. Can’t wait to see what colors you will be using. I’ve got plans to knit matching Rudolph hats for the hubby and little guy. Hats are so fun and quick and a good break from sweater knitting.

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