Slipping in a few more knits before the end of the month

Hat craze continues with one  more hat done, another Chuku, but with a variation just to mix it up, and to not run out of brown too quickly.

Kaj Folded

This one is for a little one who was severely burned in a car while belted into his car seat. Such a brave little guy he has become trying to overcome his injuries. His aunt requested this hat for him. I so hope it fits.

And then to break up the hat making, I veered off into dog sweaters! One done, for a Texas friend, and then one to go, for my Nephew Dog.

Chloe's sweater Belly side

This one will go nicely with Chloe’s owner’s obsession with IU, her alma mater. Being a True Blue UK fan it just about makes me sick!!! LOL. I questioned that Chloe, a Schnauzer, would need a sweater now that she lives in Texas, but her mom assured me it does get cool in Texas, and she also comes to visit her grandmother here at home too. I just worry that the distance between the armholes is too small, but I knit to the pattern, so we shall see.

Now, to determine what colors to use for the Nephew Dog Duncan’s sweater. I am thinking shades of brown or gray, and this time using worsted weight. DK is too small for dog sweaters! Plus, he lives in Indy, so he will need a warm sweater. In fact, I think I have some mushroom and brown Lion Brand Woolease colors, will have to look into the yardage left.

Now to determine what goes on the needles next. I have three commissions to deal with, 2 before Christmas. And of course I need to replenish the yarn I use for them. So they are on the back burner. The 3rd I could start since I have the yarn and know which shawl pattern I want to use. But, the yarn isn’t wound. Then I also have a shawl to make for my mom, yarn is waiting, but haven’t decided completely on the pattern. And finally, a hood and a hat for a friend’s kids.

Or I could just cast on a shawl for me, pattern and yarn ready, but desire is not there. Or, I could go back to the sweater that has languished all year. And then there’s the cabled wrap that has been languishing just as long. Or, I could just surf the web in search of things I don’t need? Yeah, that’s the ticket!


5 thoughts on “Slipping in a few more knits before the end of the month

  1. Love both your projects. I don’t know if I could make a sweater like that for our dog; hubby would probably get jealous that the dog got a Norwegian-style sweater before him LOL

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