October Recap

Geesh! Can it really be October’s end already? I am so not ready for the end of this year. But time stops for no man, or some such saying.

So, the totals:

Yardage Knit – 1636 yards 10 skeins
Yardage Bought – 2068 yards 11 skeins
For a total of 432 yards/1 skein added. Argh!!! I am so going the wrong way. But in my defense the yardage added was pretty much knit up immediately.

Totals for the year so far:

10873 yards and 52 skeins knit up!
1637 yards and 10 skeins destashed!
10195 yards and 50 skeins bought up!
So at least I am knitting up 678 more yards and 2 more skeins than I bought. Overall I am 2347 yards and 9 skeins lighter in the stash closet. Go me! Stop buying!!! Which is impossible since I need to buy yarn for 2 hat projects. Hopefully I can use up all that I buy.

And on that subject, the total cost of the purchased yarn so far is $488.60, with 68.14 of that added in October. I’d say that’s a pretty low amount considering I bought 11 skeins. Quite a bit was purchased in closeouts from WEBS. Gotta stay off that site.

And now the collage showing the FOs, my favorite part.


Fotor Collage

Duncan 1 Duncan 2

Duncan’s Dog Sweater, a surprise last minute knit finished at midnight on Halloween

Not sure which piece is my favorite. It just might be that Gramps cardigan. Got to see a photo of the sweater on the sweet babe, it’s a perfect fit! Cool.

October Goals success?

  • Finish baby sweater for friend’s grandson. Obviously!
  • Make 2 Llama hats and 2 Reindeer hats. OK, 4 Llama and 1 Reindeer
  • Finish Sewanee Shawl for myself. Ripped out and not being reknit
  • Start on a shawl for my mom. Notice I don’t say finish!  Not yet
  • Knock out a cowl for a friend’s birthday present. Not at all

November Goals

  • More hats, a Shwook, a reindeer, a llama, and a hood
  • Mom’s Shawl!!!!
  • Boot Cuffs, a commission project
  • Commission Shawl

OK, back to knitting!


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