Do we need another FO Friday?

I fear Tami has fallen off the edge of the earth and we will never see her post again. I always looked forward to reading the Wed WIP and Friday FO posts from the crafting blogs. But without a post since September I am having withdrawals. I do try to take part on Fridays with Wisdom and Natural Suburbia, but those aren’t always about FOs, although there are some posted usually. So, should I start a FO Friday? Would anyone come? You know, if you build it they will come. LOL! So, should I? Will I? I might try it Friday, just to see what happens. I have a FO to show, so why not. I think I figured out the linky thing, so there is that.

To add to the color post, I present a trick of placement. I offer up this FO for proof of how color placement can trick your eye.

Chloe's sweater

There are three yarns used in this piece. 1 white and 2 red. 2 reds? Yes, 2 reds. The neck, flower, and diamond bands are in a teaberry red. The zig-zags and lower portion are in a red red. But unless you really focus on comparing the two reds, or view it up close, your eye won’t see it. But a flash will help reveal the difference.


Now, in the bright light of day, it might be a mite more obvious, but I really am amazed that it isn’t that discernible otherwise.

I am using a different trick on a hat I am making now. I have two leftover balls of brown and needed an adult sized Rudolph Hat. Fearing I had not enough of either ball I decided to just alternate the rows. It’s a trick that helps when you are using two skeins of a hand dyed yarn that are just not quite a perfect match. It helps to blur the differences between them. But, two solids? Yes. And the reason why it’s working on the hat is, the motif is small enough to not allow your eye to detect a pattern. You see the motif, but not the effect of two brown yarns used in the motif. Photos of that will be revealed on Friday. I have half of the hat done, so it’s likely it will be added to the FO pile by then.

So, check back tomorrow and join in a FO link party if you can. I will try it for a month or so and see if it takes.

Edited to Add: Carole had a great suggestion, FOs from the present and past. I know not everyone has a FO each week, a lot of times it’s WIPs we have going. But with two major WIP* link parties, I just didn’t feel there was a need for another.

* I know one is a knitting reading thing hosted by Ginny?, and the other I can’t remember who hosts it. To be honest, I don’t tend to read those blogs and when I do, the link parties are so huge that I get sucked in and then the rest of the day is over. LOL.


4 thoughts on “Do we need another FO Friday?

  1. It’s hard to come up with an FO every week, but people enjoy seeing other knitter’s FO’s. How about asking people to post FO’s from their past work that they may want to show. It doesn’t have to be recent does it? I just enjoy seeing what other people have knit.

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