Friday Finishes 1

So here we are, (clears throat), um, hello, nice to see you here. Um, do you come here often? So, um, today we are trying something new, pleases excuse my nervousness. I’ve never hosted a party like this before. So scared no one will show. Not really sure I even know what I am doing! But, please, come in, have a seat. Invite your friends, the more the merrier. Well, I am sure I have enough chairs….. yeah, I do. OK, here goes!

My Friday Finish today is a recent one. I was asked to make a pair of boot cuffs by a friend of my mom’s for her DIL for Christmas. So I looked at my stash and determined the color she requested was in there, but a little light in the yardage.

The previous pattern I used for a boot cuff was out as I didn’t have enough yarn, plus I don’t have permission to make that to sell. So, what to make. I had seen a cable I liked, but needed to figure out how many sts to cast on. A quick math equation yielded a number that would give me the 16″ I needed. This resulted in a quick and easy cabled cuff which used up almost all the yarn I had available. See.

cuffs lori
pologies for the washed out photo, I forgot to get a daylight pic of the pair.

Here’s what the color looks like in better light. cuff light

Creamy white Ella Rae Classic Superwash, a dream to knit with. For the cuff I just alternated the twists of the cables as I went up the rope. Easy to do when you are paying attention, problem creating when you aren’t paying attention! A few cables were mis-crossed, but caught before going too far. A quick knit for a fun project.

Now, it’s time to share your FOs with us. It can be recent or past FOs, anything you feel led to share. Maybe it’s your first ever FO. Or a FO with a special memory. It doesn’t matter, we want to see them all! The only catch is, because I am on wordpress, I can’t get the links to show on the blog, they open up in a new window. So be sure to comment here before leaving to read about everyone’s FOs!

5 thoughts on “Friday Finishes 1

  1. So we were both thinking the same thing! We can both continue with links or do you want to do Friday and I’ll do Wednesday? takes the pressure out of remembering both days…let’s chat…I’m TammyG on Rav..probably the easiest or email me…graceysgoodies at

  2. I will definitely be here next Friday, just been busy all weekend and haven’t hit the computer to see this. Not that I have any FOs, now WIPs I can do in plenty! This will be a good incentive to get moving, especially for Christmas. Christmas presents really should be FOs; not WIPs with a little note saying the rest is coming! (Yes, I have been known to do that before!) See you next week!

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